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Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Top Ten (5) Reasons I Love Book Blogging

Is this topic considered meta? I was trying to be meta.

Well, I've been blogging (on and off) for several years now, and through all the ups and downs, book blogging has been a really incredible experience. Today's TTT topic was Ten Reasons I Like _________, and I figured this gave me the perfect opportunity to express my appreciation for book blogging.

I assume everyone reading this blog is a book lover, so I'm sure you get it--authors are like celebrities. Sometimes an author writes a book that just sings to your soul and, even though this isn't always a good thing, we tend to idolize those authors. So, when one of my favorite authors responds to my tweet or tells me they enjoyed one of my reviews, when I get to interview an author or work with them for an event, I experience unrivaled levels of delight. Book blogging has opened up way more opportunities for me to interact with my heroes. 

In high school, the librarian was always floored by my extensive book knowledge. It seemed like I knew what every single book was about, when every book was being released, and who wrote every book. I owe it all to book blogging. In the time that I took over a year off from blogging, I'd never heard of any of the new releases and it just felt wrong. 

Whenever I finish a book, I am bursting at the seams to discuss it with someone. I just have SO MANY FEELINGS and I need to LET 'EM OUT. However, most of the people I'm close to in real life aren't readers, so they don't really know or care what 'm gushing about. I love book blogging because it gives me the chance to talk about books with other people who love reading just as much as I do. We can cry, rant, and fangirl together, and there will be absolutely no judgment. It's incredible. 

I've never been a "popular" blogger. I've never had all that many followers or anything like that. But you know what? I love my blog, and I am so proud of everything I've accomplished with it. I love to scroll through my blog because I CREATED THAT. The look is mine, the thoughts are mine, it's ALL MINE, and that's an absolutely amazing feeling, Also, to see how much my blog has grown, how my creativity has been explored, makes me so so so happy! 

And finally

The people in the book blogging community are really what have made this experience what it is. Even if I don't know you, I love you. Thank you for being passionate about literature, for wanting to share that passion with others. Y'all are endlessly kind, and it constantly floors me. Don't let anyone burn your freak flag because I think it's lovely. 

Why do you love book blogging? Also, what did you talk about today for TTT? Did any of y'all struggle coming up with a topic, because it was hard for me! 

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