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Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Top Ten Books I Wouldn't Mind Santa Leaving Under the Tree

(a meme hosted by The Broke and the Bookish)

Okay, so I 100% cheated on this week's topic, because some of these are series I want to find under my tree but IT'S FINE IT'S MY BLOG I CAN DO WHAT I WANT hahaha.

Vampire Academy (10th Anniversary Edition) by Richelle Mead - My favorite book series in the entire world has a special edition and you can bet your bottom dollar I want it in my hands.

The entire Selection series by Kiera Cass - This is a series I have been wanting to read for a very long time, and I know I'm going to want the entire series at my disposal because apparently this is an addicting series, but I cannot bring myself to buy the complete series.

The rest of A Series of Unfortunate Events (4-13) by Lemony Snicket - I've been majorly enjoying my re-read of this series, and it would be delightfully convenient if Santa left me the rest of the series so I can finish in time for the Netflix series.

Six of Crows duology by Leigh Bardugo - These books are so beautiful and everyone raves about them, so I'd really love to get these under the tree and gaze lovingly at them and then devour the words.

Second Chance Summer by Morgan Matson  - I love Morgan Matson. If you've read my blog at all this year, you probably knew that already. If you're new, you know now: I adore her books, and this is the only one I haven't read yet.

The rest of the Saga series that is available (3-6) by Brian K. Vaughan and Fiona Staples - I am so into these graphic novels right now, and I want the rest of them in possession stat!

The rest of the Harry Potter series (2-7; 15th Anniversary Edition) by J.K. Rowling  - I have finally decided to give this series a go again. I read the first book and a half a while ago and wasn't particularly impressed, but I just think it wasn't what I was looking for at the time/expected. Now I think I will be able to appreciate this series for what it is, and I'll be reading book #1 within the next month, so I wouldn't mind the rest of the series falling into my lap (or under my tree).

City of Bones by Cassandra Clare (original hardcover) - I have the rest of the series in the original covers, but NOT THE FIRST BOOK. I really want to re-read this series too. But I must have matching covers. I MUST.

Blackhearts by Nicole Castroman - I read this as an eARC and I just adore the crap outta it, and I'd love to have a copy for my shelves. Plus, the sequel is coming out soon and I want to be able to re-read this (or at least skim it).

The entire Winner's trilogy by Marie Rutkoski - I have seen so many people say so many good things about this series, and I've heard this has a lot of political intrigue, which I am very into at the moment. Plus, they are truly gorgeous books.
Well, there are the 10 (that's definitely not 10) books I would just love Santa to leave under my tree this fine holiday season. People don't usually give me books as presents, though, so I guarantee I will not be receiving any of these unless I cough out some cash.

What books do you want Santa to bring you? 

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