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Wednesday, December 21, 2016

The Eclectic Corner #5: My Unrealistic Christmas List

The Eclectic Corner is a feature on The Left-Handed Book Lover in which I talk about basically anything I want. A whole variety of topics! This is kinda like my chance to talk about non-bookish things. I came up with this idea because I really wanted to incorporate my love of TV shows and music somehow. This gives me a chance to connect with other readers and bloggers beyond similar taste in books.

I did my very first Eclectic Corner post almost exactly a year ago, and it was MY UNREALISTIC CHRISTMAS LIST. People seemed to really like it, so I figured it would be perfect to bring that topic back around. 

So basically on this list are going to be things I really want but would never ask anyone to get me because MONEY (or because they're just not feasible wishes). While almost all the things I mentioned in the original post are still true (except for a cat--I have one now <33) I am going to choose different answers this time. 

Now that I've gotten into bookstagram and booktube, my low-quality camera just isn't doing what I want it to. It's sufficient enough, I suppose, but if I want to step up my game on both of those platforms (which I do) I desperately need an upgrade. But good cameras are so expensive, soooooo it might be a hot minute until that happens. 

Fun fact--sororities are heckin expensive. And I'm in two (one is a women's fraternity, but same thing). They take a huge chunk of the cash I could be using for food OR BOOKS. If someone just wanted to be an angel and pay for my next two semesters, I promise I wouldn't be mad about it. 

In case anyone was uncertain, Twenty One Pilots is my favorite band ever. I'm just a tiny little bit VERY MUCH obsessed with them, and they put on some incredible concerts. My dream would be to be in the pit at their next concert, but those tickets were sold out many moons ago. 

So, I really really really want to study abroad in Austria next spring, but it largely depends on the estimated cost, because I can only save up so much in the next year. There's still a definite possibility I'll be able to do it, but it would just be so much easier if someone else forked over a ton of moolah for it. 

There's my unrealistic Christmas list. I believe in miracles, though, so who knows? 
What's on your unrealistic Christmas list? 

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