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Review Policy

Hello there! I am unbelievably flattered that you're considering requesting a review from me. Honestly, it every request means so much to me. Unfortunately, between college classes and extracurricular activities that I'm involved in, I simply do not have time to read every book that is requested. Please please please read my review policy before requesting a review from me! Sorry that it's a bit long. I think it's important you know what you're getting into!

First and foremost, my reviews are always 100% honest. I will include all my opinions of a book, both good and bad. I am very passionate about books, and I love for my personality and passion to shine through my reviews. I state my opinions in a way that will benefit my readers; in other words, I don't bash a book and say pointlessly hurtful things just for the sake of it. Most likely, even if I am not a fan of the book, I will list the aspects I did like, along with the ones that didn't work for me. I want to respect myself, my readers, the authors, and the entire bookish world in everything I do on my blog. Please do not hate me if I give you a negative review. I don't like to do it just as much as you don't like to read it.

If I accept your book for review, it means that I think it is something I will enjoy reading. However, the reality is that books don't always live up to my expectations. If reading a book becomes a chore, I will not finish it and I will not review it. In that case, I will email you and let you know that I will not be reviewing your book and why. Again, please do not hate me if I do this. It is nothing personal. Your book just wasn't for me.

If I do not want to accept your book for review, I do not guarantee a reply. I apologize in advance if I don't.

In my reviews, I include the novel's front cover, a link to its Goodreads page, publication information, and a summary (most likely from Goodreads). Usually my reviews focus on plot, characterization, writing, and any other elements of the book I especially liked/disliked. At the end of each review, I include a rating, which is basically your average 5-star scale. If you would like me to include anything else in my review (link to the author's website, book trailer, etc.) please let me know and I will be happy to do so!

I like to post reviews close to a book's release date (a few days before, the day of, or a few days after), but that is not always feasible. If you have a specific time frame in which you would like me to post my review, again, let me know and I will do my absolute best to do that. I will email/contact you on social media when my review is posted.

Like I said earlier, I am very passionate about books. If I really love a book, I will promote it and gush about it until the day I die.

Please note, I  pretty much only accept YA books for review. 

  • Contemporary
  • Paranormal
  • Dystopian
  • Fantasy/Sci-Fi
  • Steampunk
  • Romance
  • Historical fiction
  • Erotica
  • Non-fiction
At this point, I am accepting books in both electronic and physical form (ARCs or finished copies), though physical books are MUCH preferred. If you are going to send an ebook, I only accept MOBI format. 

I love indie and self-published authors, so definitely feel free to request reviews from me. Be aware, that I am going to be extremely picky with the books I choose to accept. 

I am absolutely available to host guest posts, interviews, giveaways, etc. on my blog. If you would like to be featured on The Left-Handed Book Lover in the form of one of those posts, do not be afraid to ask. I would prefer to have read your book first, because I do not like to promote things books that I've never read, but it isn't always necessary. 

I also would love to participate in blog tours. 

You still think your book is a good fit for my blog? Excellent!! Feel free to shoot me an email!

You can address it to Lefty. 

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