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Friday, April 6, 2018

Movie Review: Kingsman: The Secret Service

Please note: I wrote this review several months ago and it was originally published in my university's newspaper.

I’m not particularly fond of action movies. Typically, when I am watching an action movie, it loses my attention and I struggle to become invested in the characters. That said, “Kingsman: The Secret Service,” directed by Matthew Vaughn, took me by surprise. A combination of action and whimsy makes for a thoroughly enjoyable film!

“Kingsman” introduces us to Eggsy, a street kid with an ugly home life and a penchant for legal trouble. After one especially messy situation, he unknowingly calls on a secret spy organization known as Kingsman. He competes with other, more qualified peers to become a member of the organization. Meanwhile, a wealthy technology mogul devises a nefarious plan to defeat Kingsman and take over the world.

To put it plainly, this movie is downright fun. Between the characters’ banter and the often-over-the-top circumstances, I couldn’t help but be entertained. 

I really respect the fight scenes in this movie, because Vaughn manages to find an ideal balance of work and play. The characters accomplish major feats of violence while also maintaining an element of humor, which prevented even me from getting bored by the punching.

My favorite facet of the plot was the competition. I was rooting for Eggsy to prove his worth and join the ranks of Kingsman. It was fascinating to see what kind of mental games the higher-ups were playing and the physical peril the characters wound up in.

When it comes to characterization in this film, I have mixed feelings. I was able to sympathize with Eggsy and my heart broke for his situation, but he was the only character I felt like I got to know on any sort of personal level. That’s not to say I didn’t connect to any of the other characters, but, frankly, when I think about the other characters we’re introduced to throughout the movie, I realize we either don’t learn anything about them, or they become caricatures instead of people. I enjoyed the characters—there is a smorgasbord of different, interesting personalities present—but, overall, they lack a level of depth that could have bumped this movie up to the next level. The underlying absurdity woven throughout the film works with most aspects of it, but the characters were just short of being believable.

Despite how I feel about the characters, this movie really kept me engaged. “Kingsman” certainly had me on my toes. My jaw fell open multiple times as I was watching, because I was never quite prepared for any of the events that were taking place.

I am eager to watch the sequel, “Kingsman: The Golden Circle.” Hopefully we will further explore the characters and the secrets of Kingsman, because a movie as delightful as this one deserves an even more dynamic sequel.

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