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Well hello there! You can call me Lefty! Thanks for taking a gander at my virtual book grotto. I have been staring at those three sentences for months, contemplating what should follow. It turns out being clever and charming while also talking about myself is an extremely daunting task.

As I've already said, you can call me Lefty. Now, the boring basics:

I'm twenty-one years old, about to venture into my senior year of college. I go to Arkansas Tech University (if you don't believe me, you can see how often I use the word "y'all" in my posts), where I'm double majoring in English and creative writing, and I'm minoring in German. In February, I'm going to spend a semester studying in Austria! When I graduate, I hope to go to grad school in New York and pursue an MFA in creative writing. I one day aspire to write interesting words and work in the publishing industry.

Here is the actual important information about me:

I'm a coffee fiend, and I frequently tear up when I see cats because they're so cute. I'm a choir nerd, so I'm singing almost constantly. Obviously I love books, but I'm also obsessed with clothes (and makeup, jewelry, and shoes), Netflix, New York, and all things sparkly. I frequently geek out over Doctor Who (and all the other wonderful BBC shows), Twenty One Pilots, Cinnabon, and every YA bookish thing I've ever laid eyes upon. I do a ton of volunteer work because I love it. You'll find evidence of all these facts sprinkled throughout my blog.

And, finally, some weird(er) tidbits about me:

  • I can do the worm.
  • I collect cat socks. 
  • I have 6 tattoos, and I'm planning many more.
  • I barely watch movies, but when I do, they're most likely scary. Though, I do write movie reviews for my university's official newspaper. 
  • More to come, probably.  

Please feel free to contact me at any time and strike up some conversation because I'm really weird and occasionally funny.

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