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Monday, February 6, 2017

Covers According to Different Genres (Guest Post)

Hello everyone! You may (or may not) have noticed that my blog posts have been a bit sparse these days. That's because I'm back at school, where my life is moving approximately 4 gazillion miles an hour. Luckily, a handful of delightful people have volunteered their help to keep my blog at least a little active.

Today's guest post is coming at you from the lovely Anna at Adventures with a Book Nerd, and she's going to talk to y'all about some patterns she has noticed in book covers!
Covers According to Different Genres

Hi everybody, and thanks to Lefty for having me on her blog! It can be hard to fit blogging in around school, so I’m happy that I could help out. :)

I noticed something this month. I noticed that different genres have their own style of covers. Let me try to explain this better. YA romances often have covers with soft colors, couples, and landscape backgrounds. Fantasy covers will have weapons, symbols, and sometimes fighting. Horror covers will have dark colors, abandoned places, dolls, and other things like that. You see what I mean? I feel like the different genres have similar covers. Why?

My guess is that publishers know what will get books to sell. They found the right formula, and they stick to it. And while yes, no cover is exactly the same. There are definitely similarities.




Science Fiction:

While it’s easier to see with more than three examples (thanks a lot, Anna), there is definitely a pattern. So what do you think? Do you see a pattern among the covers? Or am I just crazier than I thought that I was? Let me know in the comments!

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