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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Social Media

Hi everyone! This is a quick post to encourage you to check out and follow me on the various social media platforms I have accounts on. Please don't think this is me begging for followers--that's not what this is about. I really just want to connect with y'all! The primary reason I got back into blogging is because I missed the community, and I'd love to get to know other book lovers better! I want to chat about books outside of reviews. I want to fangirl about things (not just books) together. Please add/follow me and spark up a conversation about literally anything and let's be friends. I swear I'm friendly and I can be funny every now and then.

You can find me:
 photo instaicon_zpszfnoebz4.png photo goodreadsicon_zps7ntdldpr.png
I'm most active on Twitter, so that's where my best conversations will most likely happen. But I also have very few (if any) followers on my other accounts, so if I say anything it feels like I'm talking to myself, hah! 

Please talk to me. Please. pls. #desperate 

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