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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

Top Ten Backlist Books I Resolve to Read in 2016

I think when you're getting into blogging, it's really common to get wrapped up in upcoming releases and ARCs and forget about all the marvelous old releases that you never got around to reading. Maybe that's just me, though. So for this resolution post, I'm going to talk about the backlist titles I have been dying to read for a while now! I tried to pick ones I already own because that increases my chances of actually reading them! 

Succubus Blues by Richelle Mead - It's rare for me to feature an adult title on the blog, but I worship Richelle Mead and I've heard her adult work is really good! 

Fangirl by Rainbow Rowell - I need to read everything by this author, basically. 

The 5th Wave by Rick Yancey - I've had this one on my shelf for quite some time, and the more movie trailers I see for it, the more I want to read it. 

Blood Red Road by Moira Young - I'd been wanting to read this one since it came out because everyone seemed to love it, and I just recently got a free ebook, so I definitely need to crack this one open some time this year. 

Firelight by Sophie Jordan - I've owned this one for years and I'm not sure why I haven't read it yet because DRAGONS!!!

The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken - I loooove Alexandra Bracken's debut novel, and I've owned this one since it came out. 

Legend by Marie Lu - I've honestly never heard a bad thing about this book. I got it a couple years ago from my high school's book club and have yet to read the entire thing for some reason. Lauren DeStefano keeps tweeting about this series, so now I just HAVE to read it asap. 

Insurgent - I read Divergent years ago and for whatever reason never read the rest of the series. Obviously I need to. 

Personal Demons by Lisa Desrochers - I actually have all three of these books signed by Lisa, so I'm not sure why I haven't read them yet. 

The Goddess Test by Aimee Carter - Greek mythology and romance? YES PLS.

Have you read any of these/do you want to read any of these? Tell me what you think. Also, tell me about your 2016 resolutions! 

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