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Thursday, June 23, 2016

Lessons I've Learned From Bookstagram

Just typing the title made me feel like Spongebob ("What I learned in boating school iiiis...")

But never mind that. Today I'm here to talk to you beautiful book lovers about the delightful bookstagram. Now, I've been working (not always successfully) to be more active on my bookstagram account, and the main idea of this post is simple: BOOKSTAGRAM IS HARD. At least, for me it is...and I'm not even very good at it. But I think brushing up on my bookstagram skillz has taught me a few valuable lessons.

Like, EVERY detail. Are the flowers casting a shadow on the book? Would those pens look better if the blue one was in the middle or on the left? Is there a glare in my sunglasses? 

It's insane how many aspects of a picture you have to be aware of in order to get that "effortless" photo. 

Okay, so, here is the best example I can think of for this: 

I have naturally shaky hands. I do not own a tripod. How is one to get  a steady shot? I flip a trashcan upside down and set it atop a bar stool in some sort of makeshift tripod. It's so weird and I'd be embarrassed if anyone saw me using it, but until I get better equipment, I'd say it's pretty sufficient. 

Sometimes, you just have to find unconventional ways to make things work. 

When I first started bookstagramming, I'd scroll through my feed and notice all these cool objects people had in their pictures, and I'd think, well, maybe I'd be better at this if I had cool items in my house. But the more photos I took, the more I looked at the stuff I have--really looked, and I realized I do have cool stuff, if I want it to be. 

The little pebbles that I have in a vase with my fake flowers? I typically don't even see those when I walk into a room, but I can use those. The old (fake) pearl necklaces that I accidentally stole from my high school choir department? I can use those. All these "boring" objects that I hardly remember exist suddenly have potential to add a special something to my photos. 

Holy frickle frackle. If you bookstagram, you get it. If you don't, you will never understand how many pictures I take before I find one I want to use. I have to take pictures from a bazillion different angles. Then, I have to adjust one item and take a bazillion more pictures. So on and so forth. It takes a lot of patience and perseverance to finally get the picture you want. 

That's all I have for you today! Let me know if your bookstagram experience has been similar to mine. And tell me some of the lessons you've learned from bookstagramming. Also, leave links to your instagram profiles because I am dying to check ya out!

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