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Saturday, June 4, 2016

My Biggest Distractions From Reading & Blogging

I tend to have a pretty decent attention span, but I think everyone, at some point, succumbs to distractions when reading or blogging. While reading, this mostly happens for me when I've first started a book and I'm not totally hooked yet, or at the slow parts. When I'm blogging I get distracted pretty much constantly.

Here are my primary sources of distraction when I am reading of blogging:


Because who doesn't love food? And when I remember there is apiece of Oreo pie sitting in my fridge, waiting eagerly to make the foray into my belly, how can I not oblige? Just in the time it has taken me o think up this post and start it, I've re-heated my coffee and turned the stove on to make fajitas. So yeah, food definitely distracts me.


I'm pretty sure all y'all out there can relate to this one. I especially get pulled in by Twitter and Instagram (shameless self-promotion: You can follow me on both! Here's my insta, and my twitter), but I also occasionally get lost on Goodreads and Facebook. It's hard not to get sucked in when all it takes is one little tap on my phone to pull up the apps where people are saying SUCH INTERESTING THINGS.


In my completely unbiased opinion, my friends and I are the funniest people to walk the face of the Earth, so when the group message is getting lit, talking about Harry Styles's new haircut and sharing Supernatural gifs (usually at night, when I'm trying to read) I'm not just gonna tell them to shut up. Plus, I don't get a lot of texts throughout the day, so I'm always grateful to remember I have friends.


This happens to the best of us. It's not my fault if I see the word "grace" which reminds me of my best friend Gracie which reminds me that we're supposed to go swimming soon which reminds me of when I used to live in Florida and go swimming all the on, and so forth.


I'm home alone a lot, so I usually keep the TV on to make the house feel less empty. Sometimes I'll make the mistake of glancing over at the TV and seeing cool stuff happen, and then I end up watching the TV (on mute, reading the subtitles) for a solid three hours.

What distracts you most when you're reading or blogging?

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