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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Summer Blog Promo Tour #6: Valerie from He Said Books Or Me

So, today is the sixth week of the Summer Blog Promo Tour, hosted by the wonderful blog, The Book Bratz (seriously, they're awesome). This tour is exactly what it sounds like--bloggers promoting other bloggers! Every Sunday of July and August, a different blogger will be stopping by with a fun post to let you get to know more about them! And, of course, every week I will doing fun stuff on other people's blogs, so make sure to give them a gander.

I'm really excited to have Valerie from He Said Books Or Me on my blog today to talk about memoirs--a genre that receives exactly no attention on The Left-Handed Book Lover.

Take it away, Valerie!
Hi Everyone! 

Val here from He Said Books or Me. I am excited to be here with you today and talk about one of my favorite topics: memoirs! :) I love reading about them and learning about other people's lives. When Lefty and I started brainstorming, she approached me about the things I would include in my memoir! Wonderful question, tough to answer. I have to say, I am not too sure that any of these would make a best selling novel, but it would be fun to recap.

That said here are a few highlights that I would have to include:

-I grew up in a town with no paved roads or stop lights! The closest Wal-mart or movie theater was about 40 minute drive away. You certainly learn to make your own fun and books thankfully have always been a big part of my life! :) It was certainly a culture shock moving from small town midwest to the greater DC area! (Maybe I could write about that transition?! I have to say that moving from the midwest to DC was a big change. For example, they don't call it pop out here-it's soda. Another big thing is that you don't say good morning to everyone. Sometimes it takes awhile to get used to it, but it was worth it! )

-I am an avid traveler and explorer. Anytime I can get to a new place, count me in! I would love to see all 50 states someday and I am almost there-44/50 done! :) (Maybe I could write about the things I have seen and explored?! Some of my best vacations have been to National Parks around the country. I also loved our trips to France and Iceland. One of my favorite places in the whole wide world is Nice France, it is stunning. I hope to get back there some day!)

-I have two cats and a dog. My smaller female cat (who is all of about 8 lbs) thinks she is the 'queen of our house' :) I am okay with her being in charge of the house...most of the time! (Maybe I could write about the shenanigans that the three of them get into every day! I could probably write a small novel about this, but maybe you could just check out my Instagram page (hesaidbooksorme) for the cuteness and to see first hand what I am talking about! Be warned-there are alot of kitty and puppy pictures! :) )

While I have a few ideas, perhaps it would just be better to suggest to you some of my favorite memoirs instead :) Here they are:

-Eat, Pray, Love
-MWF Seeking BFF
-Julie and Julia
-My Year with Eleanor
-The Happiness Project 

I recommend these immensely! If you read them and feel inspired, I wish you all the best! Feel free to stop by the blog and let me know your thoughts!

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