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Thursday, August 18, 2016

The Authors I Own The Most Books From

(Coming up with a title for this post was hard. I feel like everything I tried sounds so awkward.)

Maybe I'm weird, but I always think it's so interesting to know which authors take up the most space on other people's shelves. And recently I realized, I don't really know which authors take up the most space on MY shelves. I mean, obviously I had an idea, but I thought I'd do a definitive count and share the results with you people! 

Coming in at seventh place (but really tied for sixth) with 5 books is...
As you can see above, I own all 4 books in the Caster Chronicles (co-written with Margaret Stohl), and then the first book in her own series, all of which I have read and enjoyed. I do plan to buy more books by her, like the sequel to Unbreakable, and The Lovely Reckless (her new contemporary book that has not been released yet). Also, I just realized that Dangerous Creatures is a full-length book with a sequel and everything. I thought it was just a novella or something. So obviously I need to buy that too. (The day after scheduling this post, I actually acquired a copy of Dangerous Creatures but I was too lazy to go back & revise). 

Then, in sixth place also with 5 books is...
I own most of Oliver's YA work, with the exception of Vanishing Girls and Replica (which hasn't been released yet). I need to ad those to my collection, and any other YA books that Lauren Oliver puts out. She has several MG & adult books, but I don't have any plans to read those in the foreseeable future. I've read all of these and enjoyed them, but Panic fell a bit flat. 

In fifth place with 6 books is...
I own most of Jenny Han's books, but I'm missing the first book in the Summer series and the third book in the Burn for Burn trilogy (co-written with Siobhan Vivian), both of which I've been trying to buy for a while but can;t find them in the format I want for cheap. I just learned that she also has a MG book that I swear no one talks about. When the newly-announced third book in her To All the Boys series comes out, I will be buying it ASAP. I've devoured all of these! 

In fourth place (but actually tied for third) with 7 books is...
I own most of the books set in the Nightshade world that have been published, except, ya know, Nightshade, which I will buy when I find it in the format I want. I just recently bought The Inventor's Secret, which is the first book in her steampunk series, so I'll probably end up buying the rest of the trilogy (even though the covers don't really match???). Out of all of these, I've only read Wolfsbane, Bloodrose, and Invisibility. I should probably get on that. 

In third place also with 7 books...
MY QUEEN. I am working on owning all her books. I'm still 5 away from a complete collection. Of course I've read every book she has put out. 

In second place with 9 books...
It's honestly impossible to keep up with all of Clare's books because she has like novella bind-ups and a codex and graphic novels and who knows what else. She also has a MG series. My main concern is getting a copy of City of Bones so I can re-read The Mortal Instruments series (as I haven't finished the last two books). I also haven't read Lady Midnight yet, but I will soon. 

Richelle Mead has written a lot of books for adults and young adults. While I do want to read/own them, I've heard they are not very good. I don't have the last two books in the Bloodlines series yet, but I will. The only book on this list I haven't read yet is The Fiery Heart, and I want to re-read the VA series and the beginning of the Bloodlines series before I do that. So it might be a while.
This post was a lot of fun! All of these authors are among my favorites, and I ended up doing quite a bit of research to figure out exactly what books I don't own and haven't read and which ones I want to, so it was really helpful. 


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