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Monday, January 8, 2018

Books I Started But Didn't Finish In 2017

(Okay so this isn't really a best-of list, but I'm too lazy to make another graphic)

We've all been there before: You start a book but you get distracted by another read and never open it again. You're not in the mood for your current read. Maybe it's just not hooking you. Unfortunately, starting books but not finishing them happens, and in 2017 it happened quite frequently for me.

The following books, I do not necessarily consider DNF books because I do want to finish them one day, but that day was not in 2017.

Everybody loves this book. And it's a contemporary. And it has an interesting premise. And a disabled love interest. It sounds like this book would be a total love match for me, but I just wasn't connecting to it when I was reading it. Maybe I just wasn't in the right mood for it at the time???? I got 25% of the way through it. 

I got a free audiobook from the author for review. I would listen to it as I walked or laid out by the pool but one day I just never went back to it. Granted, it wasn't the best book or narrator, at least so far. However, my fitire holds a lot of bus & train rides so maybe I will give it another shot on one of those rides. 

I hate having this one on the list because this was one of my most anticipated releases of 2017. I read only the beginning, and I reallllllly liked it, but it was the summer and I was lounging by the pool and I just wanted to read quick contemporaries. And then I never resumed this one. BUT 2018 WILL BE THE YEAR I READ IT. 

Speaking of quick contemporaries, this, apparently, was not the one I was after. It's not that it was just wasn't speaking to my heart, so I just forgot to pick it up ever again. I would like to read the entire thing one day, though, just for the sake of completion. 

Oh lordy I was PUMPED for this novel. I got about halfway through it before I just...stopped reading it. It's not that it was bad, but I think I was expecting a more fast-paced, addicting, romantic read like Ahdieh's other work. It just wasn't giving me what I wanted at the time, but it is still probably a worthwhile read and I think going into it with adjusted expectations will help. 

When I first discovered the Brooding YA Hero twitter account, I thought it was satirical gold, but by the book came out, I think I was just over it. It stopped being clever and became redundant, and reading the book was just a bit much. Also, I received an e-galley that had some really awful formatting, so that made the experience even more unpleasant. This is one I really truly don't know if I'll ever read in its entirety, but I'm sure it's quick and requires very little brain power, so who knows.

This one is the most recent, having started it in the later half of January. I wanna love it so bad because everyone loves it and it's about JACK THE RIPPER, who I find fascinating. I just was not connecting. I am 100% going to try again, and probably soon. 
There you have the books I started but never finished in 2017! There might be more, but I took them off my Goodreads shelf, so I don't remember?


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