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Thursday, January 18, 2018

New Year, New Books Readathon TBR & SIGN UP

Hello, all. As you may or may not know, I am hosting a readathon at the end of this month called the New Year, New Books Readathon. If you want more information, check out my announcement post. The readathon will be taking place from January 24-31.

I don't know how much reading I will be able to get done between hosting the readathon and doing all my last-minute study abroad preparations. But, with an optimistic perspective, here is what I hope to read:

1) Read a book by an author you've never read before.

Everyone and their chinchilla has read and raved about this book. I think it's about time I pick it up. 

2) Read a genre you don't typically read (this could also mean age group. Like, if you usually read YA you could read an adult or MG book).

Well, it's gonna be really awkward if this isn't true, but I've heard that this is more of an adult fantasy than young adult. I don't read much adult fantasy (or adult books in general), though that is definitely an area I'd like to explore more. 

3) Read a book in a medium you don't usually read (ebook, audiobook, graphic novel, etc.)

I'm kinda cheating on my own challenge here. I chose this book because it is a physical ARC, which, considering I get very few of these, I rarely read. I was really looking forward to this novel when it was released and never got around to reading it, but now that I have an egalley of its companion/sequel, I need to get to reading. 

4) Read a diverse book (you might already do this, so if you do, maybe try reading an area of diverse books you don't usually read--if you usually read racially diverse books, try reading a diverse book about mental health, if that makes sense????)

This book, to my understanding, has a queer protagonist and a character with bipolar disorder. While I've read queer books before, I do not think I've ever read a novel that deals with bipolar disorder. Also, I've heard this book is phenomenal. 

5) Read a book someone in the community recommended, but you know nothing about.

I really didn't wanna double up on any of my challenges, but this book is probably the thickest of all the books on my TBR, so it's fine, right??? Anyway, the only thing I know about this book is that it deals with a heist and has squad goals and that everybody in the book community loves it. 
Well, there you have my TBR for the readathon, friends. Hopefully I make a decent dent in it. Below you'll find a linky, where you can link to your TBR, be it a video, an instagram post, or even just a tweet.  

A few important notes: 

You MUST have signed up through this linky in order to enter any of the giveaways throughout the readathon. 

If you sign up before 12:01 AM central time on the 24th (when the readathon starts), you will get a bonus entry for each giveaway you enter. 

Please be sure to visit/comment on other participants' TBRs as well! 

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