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Sunday, July 3, 2016

Summer Blog Promo Tour #1: Peyton from A Bookish Mess

So, today is the first day of the Summer Blog Promo Tour, hosted by the wonderful Jessica at The Book Bratz (seriously, she's awesome). This tour is exactly what it sounds like--bloggers promoting other bloggers! Every Sunday of July and August, a different blogger will be stopping by with a fun post to let you get to know more about them! And, of course, every week I will doing fun stuff on other people's blogs, so make sure to give them a gander.

Today, I am delighted to be hosting Peyton from A Bookish Mess! Welcome, Peyton!

Hello Loves! I'd first like to thank Lefty for having me on her blog! Participating in SBPT has been SUCH fun! I hope everyone has had a blast learning about all of these amazing bloggers!

Today I am going to give you just a little insight to some hobbies of mine! Pictures and ALL.. Yeah, I do it up kinda big.. (seriously though; it's not that big lol)

I LOVE to paint. To me, it is a perfect escape. My husband doesn't understand how it's not stressful for me because I have some serious OCD.. I don't know though – I just kind of get lost in making the picture what I see in my head. They do not come out PERFECT by any means, but they are perfect to me.. If that makes any kind of sense.. I am going to share some of them with you.. These are a combo of what I painted for myself, the house, and my daughter.. I am working on some Mickey Mouse ones for my son.. And I am even going to tackle The Avengers.. Wish me luck there!

Another thing I like to do is cross-stitch. I just got into this recently so I do not have a finished product to show you, but I am going to share what I have so far on my current project and the image of what it GOING to look like when I am done.. I decided to do this one because my husband is getting out of the Army after almost 15 years of service and I thought that this would be very fitting for him.

As far as hobbies go, my favorite isn't something I make – but something I do.. I am a Roller Derby Girl.. Yea.. It's pretty awesome.. My neighbor actually got into it before me and she kept talking my ear off until I decided to sit in on a practice.. I was hooked from there! It is so much fun! You would also not believe just how stress relieving and relaxing it is to skate around in circles and knock other people down! I know that sounds horrible, but seriously.. It is SO much fun! If you have never played, you should look into it.. It never hurts to cross something awesome off the "I tried" list! If it isn't something you want to DO – you should really watch a bout! SOOOOO amazing! To help give you a little insight, I used some gifs from the movie Whip It – because.. Whip it!

This first image is a common move if you want to stay on your feet!

The second image is the way we feel when we actually stay on our feet!

Peyton, I seriously envy you! I don't have an artistic bone in my body (no joke, even my stick figures are a mess), and roller derby??? That's so badass. Thank you so much for sharing your awesome hobbies on my blog.

Everyone, don't forget to go check out Peyton's blog--as you can see, she's super cool! I'll leave her social media links here for ya!

Also, make sure to stop by Krystianna's blog Downright Dystopian to catch my guest post. I talk about BookTube and recommend some really wonderful videos to watch! 

So, my dear readers, tell me some of your non-bookish hobbies. I'm eager to learn more about y'all!

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