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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Ten Fun Facts About Me

Oh yay I love talking about myself *sweats* 
Here is some random information about myself. 

This is definitely not the end of my tattoo adventures, though. I'm already itchin' for another one!

*the third one is German. "besondere" is on my left arm and "etwas" is on my right. It means "special something." 

The doctor said if it had been any lower, I would have lost my eye. To this day, I'm still afraid of any animal with hooves. 

No shame.

Thank the heavens I had books to get me through that time in my life!

Look at that mop. Look at it. It has a mind of its own. 

I can't wait for the day I move there.

She's tough, sassy, and loyal af. She's not perfect and that's why I admired her so much in high school. 

They speak to my soul. They are the most lovely human beings, and their music is insightful and just all around fantastic. 

And I don't really intend to. Break out the pitch forks, gather mob, do what you will. 

One day it will happen, though. One day! 

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